Giuseppe Vitale - illustrator

With these cards you can tell stories out of simple coloured shapes, here you will find some guidelines, not rules, because the game changes every time depending on the context and the people who participate.

LYRA imaging sounds - (facebook)

Even logos start from a little drawing

Different ways for a marketplace

Different ways for a marketplace

what do others think about you?

what do others think about you?

Antonio Ligabue  (1899-1965) - Studying his paintings and portraits

- some posters -

Poster and playbills @ Azienda Speciale Bassa Reggiana

Leaflets - Concertina fold  @ Azienda Speciale Bassa Reggiana

Workin’ for the next year school’s menu

LIBRE - a new publishing house

no drawing, just my band :)

A book about Lambrusco, coming soon!

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